Churchill, Winston, Britischer Premierminister (1874-1965).


Maschinengeschriebener Brief mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift „Yours sincerely, Winston Churchill“ und eigenh. Kopfvermerk „Private“. London,, 31. V. 1918, Gr.-8°. 2 Seiten. Doppelblatt. Mit Blindprägung „Ministry of Munitions of War | Whitehall Place, S.W.1“. Gelocht.



An den Politiker und Verleger William Maxwell („Max“) Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook (1879-1964), mit dem Vermerk „Private“ am Briefkopf. Churchill und Aitken hatten eine Wette bezüglich der Entfernung zwischen Paris und Chateau Thierry (ca. 100 km östlich von Paris) abgeschlossen. Dabei entstand Unklarheit darüber, wie Paris zu definieren ist: „My first bet was £ 25 to £ 5 that Chateau Thierry was less than 50 miles from Paris. The discussion arose out of the military situation, and I naturally had in my mind the great mass of houses and buildings of which Paris is composed, and not any arbitrary point in the city from which distances are measured […] or the centre of Paris, or something to that effect. I demurred, and you crossed out the first line of the record which you had made. Subsequently, you or I offered – I cannot remember which – an even £5 on the distance from Chateau Thierry to the geographical point in Paris or a point in the centre of the city. The bet was written down by you in the form of an even fiver, although all reference to the definition of Paris was omitted. In these circumstances there is confusion about this second bet, and, although my memory is very clear, I think it had better be off altogether. Meanwhile perhaps you will let me know who your suggestion is for an arbitrator on the first bet. Sam Evans would suit me very well. I do not know to this moment what the exact distances are, nor the point from which geographical distances are measured. Rough measurements on the map seem to show that it will be very close, possibly a matter of a few hundred yards should the arbitrator’s decision favour the geographical point. If it is the walls I think there is no doubt I have a couple of miles in hand.“ – Aitken wurde 1917 zum Baron Beaverbrook sowie Minister of Information ernannt. Im Crewe House leitete er die interalliierte Zusammenarbeit der Kriegspropaganda. – Im Ersten Weltkrieg wurde Chateau-Thierry im Mai 1918 von deutschen Truppen erreicht. In der Folge kam es hier zu mehrmonatigen Kämpfen gegen die Alliierten.