Bockris, Victor, Journalist und Schriftsteller (geb. 1949).


14 masch. Briefe und 1 eigenh. Brief, jeweils mit Eigenhändigen Korrekturen und Unterschrift, dazu 1 masch. Verlagsvertrag mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift, 2 Typoskripte (1 Kopie) mit Eigenhändigen Korrekturen, 1 Druckfahne. New York, 13. X. 1983 bis 6. V. 1985, Fol. Zusammen ca. 80 Seiten sowie diverse Beilagen.



Überaus interessanter Briefwechsel des Chronisten der New Yorker Underground-Szene mit dem Kunsthändler Carl Laszlo (1923-2013), reich an Anekdoten, das Dokument einer nicht einfachen, wechselvollen Arbeitsbeziehung. Es geht um den Kauf und die Ausstellung von Bockris‘ Fotos samt der damit verbundenen Zahlungsprobleme und Besitzverhältnisse, um verschiedene Beiträge für „Radar“ und eine mögliche deutsche Übersetzung von Bockris‘ Buch „With William Burroughs: A Report from the Bunker“ (Seaver Books 1981): „[…] Carl Laszlo Director of Radar Edition C.L.A.G. will publish Victor Bockris’ book ‘With William Burroughs’ in a limited numbered edition of 2,000 copies translated into German as a special issue of Radar within one year of the date of this agreement […]. The title of the book will be changed for this publication, possibly to ‘Dinner mit William Burroughs’ […]“ (Verlagsvertrag, 13. X. 1982). Es folgen Textproben (in Kopie) mit Fotos von Andy Warhol und Mick Jagger, sowie die Originalbriefe von Bockris an Laszlo über den Fortgang der Arbeit und deren Hintergründe, z. B.: „[…] This photograph was taken at the Bunker. William, Andy and I were waiting for the arrival of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall […]. You can see the plate neatly wrapped up on the table and the expectant, flushed expressions on the faces […]“ (undatiert). – „[…] William is in New York at the moment although it seems unlikely that I will be seeing him at the Bunker. He is heavily booked up, then going to Amsterdam and paris. I am sending you the Warhol piece this week […]“ (undatiert). – „[…] My typewriter is ill so I am writing to you by the unusual method of hand […]. Did you receive the Burroughs book? Bill is very well and working steadily […]“ (undatiert). – „[…] I have at the B2 Gallery in London 25 photographs in seizes 16×20 and 11×14. They are all of William or Andy, Muhammad Ali and other interesting people […]. Malanga and I are finishing our manuscript on The Velvet Underground February 28th. March 7 comes Miles from London to design the book with us […]. As to the ‘Dinner Mit William Burroughs’ project: I am of course keen to see some progress on this. The next step ist to get a translater, nein? Do you have any in mind? Carl Weissner is of course excellent […]“ (undatiert). – „[…] Here you will find enclosed the material for the special issue of Radar on me […. I am also calling Debbie Harry and Chris Stein to see what I can get from them for the magazine […]. Now what has happened is the book Malanga and I wrote about The Velvet Underground is coming out in England in London on September 12. So Malanga and I will be in London for the publication […]. About the Burroughs book: what is the time schedule with this? […]“ (undatiert). – „[…] I also want you please to take out The Captain’s Cocktail Party. It turns out that I cannot publish this piece at the moment […]. Please also send me back the copy of The Captain’s Cocktail Party and do not show it to any one else or any other magazine […]“ (die fragliche ‚Cocktail Party‘ liegt bei). – „[…] Also take out A Conversation with Keith Richard and replace it with the conversation between Susan Sontag and Richard Hell […]“ (16. V. 1983). – „[…] I have just received the proofs of the Bockris File for the special issue of Radar on me. Before reading the piece for accuracy in the actual texts I see immediately that the major problem is that you have cut out 1. Ginsberg on Rimbaud 2. A conversation between Susan Sontag and Richard Hell 3. Nothing happens: with Andy Warhol and Muhammad Ali. These three pieces, all by me, are an important and integral part of The Bockris File and it is incomplete and unbalanced without them […]“. – Basierend auf seinem Insiderwissen und auf persönlichen Bekanntschaften veröffentlichte Bockris Biografien über The Velvet Underground, Keith Richards, Blondie, Lou Reed, William S. Burroughs, Muhammad Ali und Andy Warhol, er war ein intimer Kenner der New Yorker Bohème. – 1982 erschien in „Radar“, hrsg. von Carl Laszlo, eine Sonderedition mit Interviews und Artikeln über William S. Burroughs. Die in den Briefen angesprochene deutsche Übersetzung von Bockris‘ Buch „With William Burroughs: A Report from the Bunker“ (Erstausgabe 1981) kam wohl nicht zustande. Das Buch erschien erst 1996 in deutscher Übersetzung im Ullstein Verlag.