Twain, Mark (d. i. Samuel Langhorne Clemens), Schriftsteller (1835-1910).


Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift „S. L. Clemens“. Hartford, Connecticut, „November 26“ [ca. 1884), 8° (20 x 12,5 cm). 2 Seiten auf 2 Blättern. Auf Trägerpapier montiert.



Über seine Schwierigkeiten bei der Niederschrift von „The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn“: „[…] I am in trouble again with my helfiard book. (There – I have probably spelt that word wrong again; Mr. Beecher tried a million times, if he tried once, to teach me how to spell that simple, every-day word, but somehow I never could seem to get the hang of it, and to this day I cannot use it with any sort of confidence, especially in print). It turns out that there’s five weeks‘ solid work to be done on it (the book, not the word,) yet, instead of two weeks. So it is a hundred to one that I can’t come to the banquet. I’ve a Boston engagement, in between, (Dec. 3) & that decreases my time and consequently my chances. Therefore, I will do the wise thing: go on with my work as if there wasn’t going to the any banquet and I wasn’t invited. I hate to absolutely decline, because I want to be there; but if you don’t hear from me by Dec. 20, cross me off and consider that my book has got me ‚in the door‘ and I can’t come […]“ – Einrisse in den Knickfalten. – Sehr selten.