Mann, Thomas, Schriftsteller und Nobelpreisträger (1875-1955).

Verlagsankündigung (sog. Waschzettel) für "A Sketch of My Life. Translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter". Paris, Harrison, 1930, 8°. 1 Seite. Braun getöntes Papier.




Seltene Verlagswerbung für die „limited edition of 695 copies, of which 400 copies are for America“ mit dem Werbetext: „A Sketch of My Life, now printed for the first time in English, is a short autobiography by the distinguished author of Magic Mountain, Buddenbrooks, Death in Venice, Tonio Kroeger, etc. It contains a compact but complete account of his inheritance, his surroundings, the men who have affected him, the origins of his books, what he has learned about himself, his professional satisfactions. No one who is not very eccentric or very indolent can ignore his many works of fiction; and no one who admires them will fail to be keenly interested and stirred by this true narrative.“ – Die Autobiographie erschien erstmals auf Deutsch in der „Neuen Rundschau“ (Heft VII, 1930), als Einzelausgabe jedoch nur in der vorliegenden Form (Potempa G.445.2 und T.146). – Sehr selten.