Washington, Booker Taliaferro, Pädagoge, Sozialreformer und Politiker (1850-1915).

Masch. Brief mit eigenh. U. Tuskegee, Alabama, 7. II. 1902, 4°. 1 Seite. Briefkopf.



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An Mrs. E. Whipple, Maitland, Florida: „[…] I have your kind and cordial letter of some days ago, and wish it were possible for me to send you prompt reply advising that I can visit Mr. [Russell C.] Calhoun’s work, but I fear I can say nothing very definite in this matter just now. I am very greatly interested in what Mr. Calhoun has done at Eatonville, and it is in my mind to visit there as soon as I can make it convenient to do so […]“ Washington und Calhoun gründeten erfolgreich Bildungsanstalten für schwarze Amerikaner.