Schliemann, Heinrich, Archäologe, Entdecker Trojas (1822-1890).

Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift Ohne Ort [London?], 1. XII. 1877, Gr.-8°. 1 Seite. Doppelblatt. Bläuliches Papier des "Athenæum Club Pall Mall".

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“My dear Profr. Schmitz | I shall call on you the first evening I am free, excuse me that I have not done so yet. I hope you and your dear family are all well. With kindest regards […]” – Adressatin ist wohl die Schliemann-Übersetzerin Lora D. Schmitz von “Troy and its Remains. A Narrative of Researches and Discoveries made on the Site of Ilium and in the Trojan Plain, by Dr. Henry Schliemann. Translation with the author’s sanction by Miss L. D. Schmitz. Edited by Philip Smith.” (London 1875).