Steinbeck, John, Schriftsteller und Nobelpreisträger (1902-1968).

Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift Ohne Ort, 10. VII. (ohne Jahr, ca. 1962), 35 x 21,5 cm. Gelbes liniiertes Papier.

Nicht vorrätig


An den schwedischen Fotographen und Dokumentarfilmer Arne Sucksdorff (1917-2001): „[…] After the communications from Bo Barber [?], I waited with some impatience to hear from you. You letter is just in now, and I have read it with interest. I like the thing you say. And it seems to me that your promise is negotiable. Indeed, I should like to work with you, not for Warner Bros. […] I have known some communities something like the one you speak of. And in answer to your self question – it appears to me that the puritan is rarely moral for morality must be the result of […] large and humbling experience whereas puritanism is a closed and narrow and self centered thing. There is no difficulty here. The only difficulty lies in my lack of experience in collaboration and yours. I have been in the habit of daring my own work – alone, thinking and executing it. And I should think that the same is true of you. There is one other thing also – I have so much work laid and to do that I don’t know when this could be done. And third I am in a state of reorganization wherein I do not quite know what my capabilities are. Bo can tell you about that if he wishes. You did not mention any time at all in your letter. I might be able to find a production unit more satisfactory to you than W. B. In fact I am in process of becoming a partner in one. It is largely a question of whether two minds can meet in the production of a unity. Is there any collaboration that you know of. Surely it would be a pleasure and an honor to work with you […]“ – Knickfalten und minimale Randeinrisse.