Schurz, Carl, Revolutionär, General und Politiker (1829-1906).


Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift New York, 9. II. 1899, Kl.-4°. 2 Seiten.



An William G. Rice mit Dank für dessen Brief: „[…] The suggestions concerning the Congressional Library what it contains, will certainly be heeded – so far as we of the civil service reform faith are concerned. I regret to say that there seems to be a strong tendency in Washington to make that Library as much as possible a pool of the great political partner. I thank you also for the very kind offer of your hospitality in care I visit Albany and hope to have some time an opportunity for taking advertise of it […]“ – Rice war Sekretär der Gouverneure Cleveland und Hill. Nach dem Tod von John Russell Young im Januar 1899 war die zukünftige Richtung der Library of Congress zunächst unsicher. Das änderte sich mit der Berufung von Herbert Putnam: „Putnam was appointed by Pres. McKinley in the spring of 1899 and served as Librarian of Congress for forty years. Asked to characterize the Library as he neared the end of his long career, Putnam penned the phrase ‚Universal in Scope: National in Service.'“