Sinclair, Upton, Schriftsteller (1878-1968).


Maschinengeschriebener Brief mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift Pasadena, California, 18. IV. 1925, Qu.-Gr.-8°. 1 Seite.



An den Schriftsteller Otto Basil (1901-1983) in Wien: “[…] I thank you very much for your interest in Mrs. Sinclair’s sonnets. The translating of a sonnet is an extremely difficult matter, but you seem to have done well with the three that you send me. I shall very pleased to have you arrange for translation in the Central European countries. I am sorry that I have no poems of my own to send you; I have written very few. There are a couple in ‘The Cry for Justice’ […]” – Basil übersetzte auch Werke von Sinclair. – Gering gebräunt.