Solti, Sir Georg, Dirigent (1912-1997).


Maschinengeschriebener Brief mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift London, 14. VII. 1965, 4°. 1 Seite. Briefkopf „Royal Opera House, Covent Garden“.



An den Musiker Heinz Pringsheim (1882-1974), den Schwager Thomas Manns, mit Dank für dessen Artikel: „[…] I, too, was sorry that we saw so little of each other when you were here, but you know how much I had on my mind during the preparation of [Schoenbergs] Moses & Aaron, so I know you will forgive me. The success has been tremendous – every performance is sold out and hundreds of people turned away; we are now working out how soon we can revive it. We are all highly delighted, as we never expected it to be such a public atttraction […]“ – Solti leitete 1961-71 das Royal Opera House in London, 1972 erhielt er den Titel Sir.