McMillan, Edwin Mattison, Physiker und Nobelpreisträger (1907-1991).


Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift Genf, „CERN“, 6. VIII. 1974, Fol. 1 Seite. Briefkopf.



An Alexander Dées de Sterio in Frankfurt-Höchst: „[…]I am unable to write on paper of my institute […] as I am on a seven-month visit at CERN, so I am using CERN paper. Alex, I don’t have any photographs of myself here so I will write to my secretary at Berkeley to send you one that I signed previously. I found the meeting of chemists very stimulating, being a physicist who happened to receive the prize in chemistry, and having attended before only the meetings of physicists at Lindau, once four years ago, and once for just two days some years before that. Lindau and Bad Schachen remain in my memory with great affection, and the meetings can only be described as intellectual feasts where many ideas are exchanged […]“ – McMillan erhielt 1951 für die Arbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Transuranelemente zusammen mit Glenn Theodore Seaborg den Nobelpreis für Chemie. – Druck in Alexander Dées de Sterio, Nobel führte sie zusammen, Stuttgart 1975, S. 127.